Optimo Financial SDS

How the SDS (strategy development service) works

The Strategy Development Service (SDS) is a paraplanning service where:

  • Optimo Financial's trained analysts can do the analysis for your complex cases
  • Your results will be presented online with a summary, charts, and descriptions.  You will also receive a strategy paper in PDF and MS Word format.
  • (Optional) You can have the strategy put into a full Statement of Advice (SOA)

Process for the SDS service

  1. Buy a websolve case (or use one from your pre-purchased bundle)
  2. Enter your case data
  3. Submit the case. For more information, see How to submit or resubmit an SDS case
  4. You will receive a quote which you must accept before we start the analysis
  5. We may send you questions if anything needs to be clarified 
  6. When the results are ready, you will be sent an email notification about how to view and download your results
  7. Once you review and accept the case results, you will be sent an invoice.

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